The Research Group for European and Comparative Public Law  (DIPEC) is a unified pole for the development of scientific research and education on the issues of european and comparative public law.

The group has been established in 2013  after the formal deactivation of the Interdepartmental Centre for European and Comparative Public Law, due to the the reform of the university system (Law 240/2010). The Group inherited the name of the centre (DIPEC), as well as its contents and purposes.

The centre was established in 2005 on the initiative of  the Department of Economic Law and the Department of Public Law. Promoters of the Centre are: Laura Ammannati, Tania Groppi, Valeria Piergigli, Andrea Pisaneschi, Marco Ventura, Giandomenico Comporti, Bernardo Giorgio Mattarella, Massimiliano Montini, Eleonora Ceccherini. The centre succeeded to the Research Centre in Constitutional Comparative Law founded in 1997.

Some of the aims of the Centre are the promotion and the development of research activities and the working out of the activities contemplated by the conventions stipulated with foreign Universities and Educational Centres, such as organizing meetings and seminars; organizing educational courses on Constitutional, Administrative, European and Comparative Law subjects; deepening the investigation on the following thematical areas:

  • Constituent Processes and Constitutional Transitions
  • Fundamental Rights and their guarantees
  • Constitutional Law of the Latin American
  • Canadian Constitutional Law
  • Constitutional Justice
  • Electoral Law and Justice
  • Federalism and Regionalism
  • Law and Religion
  • Territorial Government
  • Cultural and Environmental goods and their forms of protection
  • Administrative Proceedings and simplification
  • Transparency of Public Decisional Processes and Citizen’s Information
  • Public Powers in the Global Juridical Space
  • General Principles in European and National Law
  • Relationship between Politics and Administration
  • Competition and Regulation
  • New Tools for the European Governance
  • Public Services