Financial Markets and Administrative Sanctions in the EU Legal Framework

FINMADS aims to promote knowledge of European rules on the sanctioning powers of banking and financial markets regulators, by promoting dialogue between academia, European institutions, the professional world and civil society.

In recent years, European market regulation has grown a lot, also as a consequence of the recent pandemic. Together with it, the powers of regulatory authorities, both European and national, have grown.

The object of the FINMADS teaching modules will be to deal with cases involving the application of administrative sanctions to banking and financial market participants and the analysis of the different approaches of European and individual national regulatory authorities. It will seek to identify whether there is a unified European approach to market regulation and whether sanctioning procedures are uniform across the European Union.

The module will be included in the courses of Public Economic Law, held by Professor Elena Bindi and Professor Andrea Pisaneschi at the University of Siena. FINMADS will enhance innovative teaching tools such as moot court, flipped teaching tools and e-learning platforms.

Professors from the University of Siena, representatives of European and national market regulation institutions, lawyers and industry professionals will be invited to the classes and seminars.

FINMADS is based on the results of several studies that Professor Bindi and Professor Pisaneschi have carried out so far through teaching, European projects and other initiatives in the field of banking and financial market regulation.

FINMADS promotes excellence in the teaching of European Union Law in order to achieve a correct application of new forms of EU regulation​ ​through analytical and capacity-building activities aimed at business and law students, PhD students and legal professionals, and the general public.

The module will produce a better knowledge of European Union law, the ability to analyze and interpret banking and financial regulation, and the development of the skills necessary for students to be employable and successful as professionals and public administrators.