The Europeanization of Constitutional Law. The Impact of EU Law on national sources of law, form of government, rights and freedoms.

The study of constitutional law cannot ignore today the role played by supranational actors on national scenarios. The EU countries are particularly involved in this process. European integration has in fact reached advanced levels, also able to affect national Constitutions.
On this basis, the project has among its aims to improve students’ knowledge about the influence of the EU law on national constitutional law and to stimulate the research activities of young scholars on this topic.
We propose teaching activities at different levels of higher education to provide the necessary tools for the study of constitutional law by the point of view of the influence played by the EU law.
The teaching activities proposed can be summarized into three groups:
– The inclusion, within the courses of Public Law and Istituzioni di diritto pubblico (1st year bachelor’s degree in Economics and Economics and Banking), of specific modules on EU law.
– The inclusion, within the course of Comparative Law (1st year master’s degree in Accounting And Management), of a specific module on the impact of EU law over the constitutional law.
– The organization, in the PhD program in Law, of specific seminars on the impact of EU law on constitutional law.
The impact of the activities will be facilitated by the availability of tools that can strengthen the learning of the topic to a wider audience as possible. A specific website will be created in order to make available:
– All the classes (with MOOC technology).
– All the teaching materials.
– The results of the research activities carried out by young scholars.
An additional tool to broaden the impact of the proposed activities will be the workshop for young scholars organized at the end of each year of activities. The workshop will involve primarily students of the PhD program and will be open to young scholars from other institutions and to the civil society.